The Sonja Tafelmeier Couture Theorem

Similarities between fashion and physics are detectable. Scientists as well as designers work to create something unknown and to introduce innovation to the world. Both are driven by the same forces: curiosity, creativity and imagination.

Quantum physics applications can be found in different areas of our lives: processing information, finding new sources of energy – and in fashion.

Quantum physics deals with the micro-world while, at the same time, it seeks – in “many- worlds” theories and investigations of black holes – to understand larger-scale phenomena.

Similarly, Sonja Tafelmeier constantly navigates between the micro and the macro, focusing on the minute details of couture while ever-mindful of the complex larger universe of fashion she has chosen to interpret.

With eco-certified fibers and exceptional fabrics and cuts, Sonja Tafelmeier deconstructs the common separation of materials and shapes traditionally used in male and female fashion. Materials, as well as the style of cut meant for women’s fashion, are used in men’s fashion and vice versa.

Without a hint of androgyny, Sonja Tafelmeier Couture is about a boldly
sensual – some would say provocative – new interpretation of the fusion of male and female.